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On May 19th Fast inaugurated its new bulk terminal  Under a sunny sky at Greek Quay in the port of Szczecin in Poland Fast opened its new bulk terminal.

“Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen, may I also express our sincere thanks for the presence of  Monica Niemec-Butryn, Director of the Inland Navigation Department of the Ministery of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation. Today you see the result of Fast's latest investment. First the 22000 m2 large quay area in the duty free zone was strenghtened and renovated. Afterwards the new Fast Bulk Terminal was erected. This is the second terminal Fast builds in the port of Szczecin.
It is possible to store 6000 tons of bulk cargo at Fast Bulk Terminal and at the same time accept approximately 1500 tons of pallets or big bags.
A Mantsinen 70M hybrilift crane with grab is discharging bulk and palletized cargoes from the vessels. Through a system of two fully automated conveyor belts the bulk material is unloaded at a rate of 250 tons per hour. Simultaneously two loading points can load the cargo into silo trucks which can deliver the cargo to the end customer. 
The Quay (170 m) enables the service of vessels with a maximum length of 130 m, depth 6.5 m and up to 16 m width.
Additionally as part of the project a new car weighbridge was installed on the terminal and access roads were refurnished ”  explained Jan Stasiak.

Jan Stasiak, the Chairman of the board at Fast Terminals then gave the floor to Catrien Scheers, owner and proud ambassador of Fast Group.

”Witamy! A warm welcome all !
Long before it was sexy to invest in Eastern Europe my late father Herman Scheers fell in love with Poland, it's people and it's opportunities.
In 1991 pioneer Herman and his Fast Team opened the first modern breakbulk terminal here in Szczecin.
Since then Fast is connecting Europe through the Fast Baltic liner service into Uk.
When my father passed away my family decided to continue our fathers dream and further invest in quality transport, assets and passionate people. We bought 6 Fast vessels and last Friday we proudly opened another brand new warehouse at Fast Terminals Ireland in the port of Drogheda.
Today FAST is a total logistics service provider giving clients Sofa Style Service. This means that our clients explain us their transport needs then they sit back and relax while Fast experts do the rest.  The new terminal you see here today is a perfect example of this Sofa Style Service. 3 years ago we started handling minerals for Eti Maden. Due to increased volumes Fast designed, constructed and financed this beautiful Fast  Bulk Terminal. At Fast we grow together with our customers.
Do you know that you are standing on the oldest parts of the port with the newest investment?  As you can see it combines an old structure with new facilities. At Fast we thought if @portofantwerp HQ can combine old & new… so can Fast : )
A big thank you to my family who supports and sponsors their Fast Family and are represented today by Tillo Romain and my husband and colleague Yvan Vlaminckx, Jan Stasiak and his wonderfull Fast Terminals Team, Piotr Maj, Piotr Stawski and their passionate Fast Baltic Team, Szczecin port authority, our many subcontractors and off course our customers. I now give the word to Mr Ali Sapmaz from Eti Products but not before we get a big round of applause for all who made Fast Bulk Terminal possible.
Dziękuję bardzo! Thank you very much!”

Ali Sapmaz, chairman of Finnish Ab Etiproducts Oy thanked Fast Group for their service and investments and handed a silver plate to Jan Stasiak and Catrien Scheers. Etiproducts is a subsidiary of Eti Maden who are the largest mining company in Turkey and produce a range of Refined Boron Products & Boron Minerals. These minerals come in bulk into the Fast Bulk Terminal and are then shipped into silo trucks to the end consumers in Germany and other European countries. Eti chose to operate out of Fast Bulk Terminal in Szczecin because of its central location in Europe.

Fast Terminals Ltd. started operations in 1992. Since the beginning Jan Stasiak is chairman of the company.
Today Fast Terminals owns and operates 2 terminals:
Fast Terminals at Belgian, English and Dutch quay. This is a breakbulk terminal handling all sorts of breakbulk cargo like coils, paper, timber, pallet goods, renewable energy, chemicals in big bags,…
And Fast Bulk Terminal at Greek Quay.

The secret of a great Terminal lies in the choice of the architect. The same applies to shipping. Whether you want to ship one box of Belgian Chocolates or a whole factory Fast provides you a state-of-the-art shipping plan. In times of globalization and anonymous activity we do care of particular customers and their cargoes. We start by listening… making shipping as much personal, as it used to and should be. Then sit back and relax while our dedicated expert will coordinate the safe and cost-efficient movement of your goods from point of origin to point of destination.

See how using our Sofa Style Service #sofastyleservice can provide unparalleled expertise to your supply chain and logistics operations.

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