Fast Group

a reliable partner in the global shipping industry.
Fast Lines connecting Europe since 1991!
Nowadays the former Eastern Europe is the economical centre of Europe and Szczecin offers excellent connection opportunities and access to supply and sales markets across Poland, Europe and the world.
The port of Szczecin -located at the Oder river in the Lower Oder Valley- is close to Scandinavia and Germany and provides transport links with Western Europe and access to the Baltic Sea via water routes.
An early believer in the possibilities of the port of Szczecin was my late father Herman Scheers. Since Szczecin is at the logistics heart of Europe and has qualified employees he dediced to take a risk and invest as one of the logistics pioneers in this polish port. By 1991 Fast Terminals stevedoring company was up and running.
At the same time Fast Lines started with a liner service from Fast Terminals to UK and Irish ports. Initially ships were chartered in. But in 2000 Fast Lines bought 3 vessels. In order to serve clients better Fast expanded its Fleet. Fast's privately run fleet of boxshaped coasters allows them to ship most types of break-bulk cargo conveniently, safely and cost effectively.
Fast vessels have a cargo capacity between 2100 and 3500 dwt. Because they are shallow drafted and suitable for river trade Fast ships are able to discharge 40-50 kilometers inland from the normal larger ports on the main coastline(s).

At Fast Lines we try to be proactive by asking everyday : "Are we servicing our clients the best way possible?"
That's why this year Fast Lines opened a second terminal at Szczecin.
I am very pleased and proud to announce that On Thursday, 14 of September 2017 the Economic Award of the Mayor of the City of Szczecin was handed to Fast Terminals represented by Jan Stasiak.
The aim of the Award is to promote pro-investment attitudes, outstanding innovations and to increase the competitiveness of Szczecin's companies in the national and international arena.
And indeed a factor of the success of Fast Lines apart from a passionate FAST team is constant innovation.