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Looking back to December 31, 2019.


New Year's Eve, traditionally an island of happiness for me. An evening enjoying delicious food, fiery resolutions, and fireworks above the river Scheldt with friends.

It seems so long ago and yet…

Thanks to human creativity, social media and pleasant walks, the connections with friends remain, even if at a physically safe distance.

This year I enjoyed a Burgundian feast in my bubble. During a pandemic often readily available foods might be taken for granted however luckily we can continue to enjoy it, thanks to the many "heroes from here", but also thanks to many invisible "distant heroes".

2020 has put a spotlight on transport as part of our economy and also on the people of flesh and blood behind that transport. Harrowing stories of hundreds of thousands of seafarers stranded on ships as corona ravages and thousands of truckers in Dover spending the Christmas season in their lonely cab.

 In 2019, I toasted to the "Decade of Women" as a counterbalance to James Brown's "It is a man's, man's, man's world." It was a plea for box-free thinking and for a balanced society in which both male and female values, side by side, reinforce each other.

Today I raise my glass on a transport WORLD based on the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs). To fair, inclusive, affordable, accessible, smart, safe and clean transport and on the optimal use of the strengths of the different transport modes. Not next to each other, each in their own silo, but as multimodal experts looking for the optimal solution; by road, water, rail, pipeline, air, or a combination thereof.

 Ask yourself the price of your banquet.

The real price of that pineapple as dessert.

How did it get to you?

Focus on what is going well; the crew of the ship that is being relieved, the leap forward in the field of digitization of transport flows, the entire chain (from origin to destination) that moved heaven and earth around that pineapple (also during COVID-19 ) resulting in it being on your plate ...

Improve where there is still room for improvement!

Be creative in your job, limit your waste, work together in the search for cleaner transport solutions, smile at people (online and offline), because we need warmth and friendliness more than ever in these times of rapid change.

 Don't wait for others but know that what you and I do every day really makes a difference.

Step by step we are creating a world where EVERYONE, regardless of age, gender, religion, origin or nationality, can enjoy a nice New Year's Eve with a tasty, honest feast in good company.

That would be the most beautiful fireworks for me.

A world of happiness!